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Social Value

Why Aura?

– We see a significant importance in social value and giving something back.

Social value is at the heart of everything we do. Community, Educational and Training benefits are treated as core deliverables for our projects, and we create long-term social value from the projects we deliver by integrating it into our overall project planning from the outset. Some recent examples of this are shown above.

We do this by forging mutually beneficial relationships by understanding the needs of local priority groups and supporting projects that bring lasting positive benefits to the local area. This is part of virtually all our projects, but is especially key on the Historically significant projects we are involved in. One such example is our live project at Moot Hall, Appleby, where we have set up an open day for Appleby Town Council & English Heritage, where we invited in local residents, business to see the proposed works.

We invited local school children to visit our site at Keppel’s column, Rotherham, where we showed them around the site and took advantage of the learning opportunities on site relating to different areas of the curriculum, including maths, history and science. We look forward to welcoming the children back to site as our works progress.

My Visits to St John the Baptist – August to November 2022

For my short period of time being here at Aura heritage, I have visited many different Sites whether they be live projects or projects we are tendering for. One of my most visited sites would be St John the Baptist Church. I have contributed to many management meetings between ourselves, The client, and the Architectural Team. By attending these meetings and visits, I have gathered a decent understanding of the project and the works which are included in it.

The Works of the Project

I have witnessed multiple aspects of work taking place on this Project such as Mosaic restoration, Roofing works, painting works and Scaffold works/inspections. My favourite of which was the Mosaic restoration, where not only did it educate me of how we take out the works from a construction point of view, but it also gave me an understanding of historical background of the building.

Understanding of Staff operations on site

Coming to this site has given me a good understanding of not only the Subcontractors responsibilities but also our site managers and other Aura staffs responsibilities. Such as, speaking to Rob Garlick (Site Manager) about how he controls the Site and works in accord with programme and how when things do not go in accord with programme due to mistakes, we overcome it and make our way round these problems.

Overall Personal Benefits

Overall, this Project has taught me a lot about how my company operates and deals with projects, Clients and different works operations which has helped me excel with knowledge in my career path.

-Ben Harry - Assistant Quantity Surveyor

My Work Placement at St John the Baptist –September to November 2022

I have attended St Johns numerous times since the works have commenced. Throughout my time at the church, I have gained a great understanding of the building and work on the site, whilst being supervised by our site manager Jordan and others working on site. I feel as though I have improved my skill set by working on site as I have learned how to do numerous things including lime mortar pointing! I have also been up to the top of the scaffolding which gave me an amazing viewing of the beautiful mosaic and gave me a basic understanding on how it is put together.

Health & Safety

With my visits to St Johns my knowledge of health and safety have improved drastically. I now know the precautions people on site need to ensure that everyone is fully safe whilst working. I understand that PPE is very important on a building site as it gives an extra protection layer to the already safe site.

The Church History

Throughout my time at the church and the hard hat tours, I have also learned a lot about the history of the church. I found this very interesting as before I would look at a church like this and not think twice. Now, I know there are great backstories behind these historic heritage buildings. This was explained to me by a few of the members from the fantastic church parish.

Understanding of the Building

With my visits to the site in Rochdale I now have further knowledge to not only the building itself but towards my day-to-day job as well. I now can visualise the materials I order to site and know how they would be applied to site. For example, the mortar I and the people on site used, I did order for them. I could see how it was being applied to the brickwork and how it related to the brickwork on site. I also got a live talk through of the works that are going on on the roof of the site. I found this really fascinating as not many churches have a dome on the top and the way they worked on the top of the roof with the number of flat roofs was also incredible.

My experience of the site

Overall, I loved my time so far at St Johns and I know after visiting this site my love for heritage buildings and construction is only going to expand more. I would recommend anyone to visit this majestic building if they should get the chance to. The building truly is my favourite site we have!

-Robbie Cunningham, Technical Apprentice

AURA HERITAGE TRAINING DAYS Grade II* Listed St John the Baptist

November 2022

We invited construction and bricklaying students from local Hopwood Hall College to attend lime mortar pointing workshops and training days.

Commencing with an H&S talk and explanation of the live working environment, the students were then equipped with PPE. We gave a brief history of the Church and description of our heritage restoration works.

Our Site Manager Jordan Burns and Site Supervisor Michael Fogarty assisted the students to help develop their heritage pointing skills.

After the mixing of the lime mortar the students were set the challenge of using traditional heritage skills utilising a mortar and iron to try their hand at lime mortar pointing, which requires quite a unique skillset as compared to regular pointing.

The students also benefited from tours of the whole site andrides in the Mewp Spider.

Since their visits many of the students were interested in accessing heritage restoration roles in the future.

We ran several Hard Hat Tours for members of the local community giving an exciting behind the scenes opportunity to provide a chance to view the remarkable restoration works to the interior and exterior of Grade II* Listed St John the Baptist Church.

The tours included a presentation of the works being carried out and why, visitors had the chance to ask our site manager and our restoration team any questions.

Visitors were also able to try their hand at lime mortar pointing in our training workshop, a unique chance to ride in the MEWP Spider and experience a scaffolding tour to see the historic mosaic restoration close up.


•Very impressed with the professionalism, the presentation and the fascinating information – Retired Teacher•Excellent presentations throughout, safety features very reassuring – Retired teacher•Thought the team did an excellent job explaining everything and answering questions – Homemaker•Very professional, welcoming and knowledgeable – Business Manager•Brilliant, I got to do some pointing with Jordan & CJ - Student

On these particular project we would look to commit to implement the following-

Community engagement
We are committed to making a positive contribution throughout our contracts in collaboration with
our customers and supply chain partners to foster mutually beneficial relationships. We calculate
our additional social value and promote community involvement which will foster goodwill, create a
lasting legacy and ensure community cohesion and mobility to contribute to local wealth. We
encourage our employees and supply chain to draw upon their skills and expertise to maximise
support for local initiatives, through active participation in community and charitable activities.
We deliver opportunities for apprentices and long term unemployed people and Curriculum enrichment
via our Aura Heritage Futures programme (offering visits for local schools, colleges and

Safe and diverse supply chains

We support local businesses by providing opportunities for small, medium, micro-sized businesses,
voluntary, community and social enterprises and mutuals, by procuring goods and services locally,
while following our fair payment and procurement practices and recognition of modern slavery risks.
We encourage the use of local resources and labour, to reduce our associated environmental impacts
whilst upholding our principles of equality, inclusion and diversity.


We deliver opportunities for apprentices and long term unemployed people and Curriculum enrichment
via our Aura Heritage Futures programme (offering visits for local schools, colleges and
We collaboratively organise, deliver and promote activities to inspire future generations into the
industry in which we work and recognise the inherent social value we create though our activities.
Our inclusive approach to supporting and educating all, aims to enable sustainable career
development within construction and facilities management, with particular focus on assisting hard
to reach groups and tackling social exclusion.

Skills and employment
We support local people into employment, by providing opportunities and apprenticeships to gain new
skills that create meaningful and decent work. Employment opportunities are inclusive, and we will
support schemes including work experience for under-represented groups, career advice and
education. We play a leading role and champion the Supply Chain Sustainability School and support
our current employees through lifelong learning and career enrichment generating embedded social
value. Career progression upholds the principles of equality, inclusion and diversity.

Wherever possible we look to offer and create job opportunities locally, linking to local
apprenticeship and employment schemes or training and up-skilling our staff. It also opens up the
market by giving a fair and equal opportunity to all suppliers including social enterprises.

Source and Procure locally (where possible)
We actively encourage the use of local subcontractors and suppliers to add value to the local area
and to maximise local spend

Inclusion, mental health and wellbeing
We measure the embedded social value we create through employment and volunteering. Creating
opportunities for the short and long term unemployed.

⭐️ Addressing the construction skills gap ⭐️

Team Aura spent the day at Oasis Academy in Oldham delivering employability sessions around skills and qualities. Addressing the skills gap within the industry and proudly promoting The Save Construction Initiative.

The students were engaged and when asked they said they enjoyed the activities.

Many thanks to the fabulous Tania Knowles who led the sessions fantastically well, engaging & interacting with the students