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Swift Square, Holyhead, North East Tower of Caer Gybi Roman Fort

Introduction: Swift Square and the North East Tower of Caer Gybi Roman Fort are historical sites located in Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales. Both sites hold significant archaeological and historical importance, representing a blend of Roman and medieval history. The restoration and completion of heritage works at these locations aimed to preserve and showcase their historical significance.

Background: Swift Square is a prominent public space in Holyhead, where the remains of a Roman civilian settlement have been discovered beneath the modern town. The North East Tower of Caer Gybi Roman Fort, which was built during the Roman occupation of Britain, also plays a vital role in the history of the area. The sites provide insights into the Roman presence in Wales.

AURA were appointed to carryout sensitive restoration works and design and build a viewing platform to the North East Tower.

Our Works included

•Clearing the tower of debris etc•Design and install new gate•Sensitive restoration works to tower•Archaeological dig•Design and build new viewing platform•Installation of new steel platform

Key Challenges & Stipulations Met

•Challenging access issues •Situated within the ground of medieval church•Area has access restrictions due to public footpath in close location•Liaison with conservation officer•Working closely with Archaeologist•Reporting to Isle of Anglesey Borough Council•Extreme weather conditions•Access only via busy public car park•Providing the local community with hard hat tours
Visit and workshop provided for local primary school